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17 September 2015

Club Vixens – The Code of Conduct in a Strip Club, Written By Professional Strippers from Strip Clubs Fort Lauderdale

The Code of Conduct in a Strip Club, Written By Professional Strippers from Strip Clubs in Fort Lauderdale

When you hit the club, and you want to have a good time, remember there is a code you should obey. The most import thing to remember is that respect is keys in any strip club. Have as much fun as you can, but remain focused. You will meet hot dancers, that are fact, but do not act like a pervert because you will scare them. Here are the rules you for you to follow. Mostly, all strip clubs Fort Lauderdale have similar patron etiquette.

Buy a drink

It is a shame if you attend the fabulous strip clubs in Fort Lauderdale, enjoy the most exotic dance, and then fail to return the favor. Be a reliable patron for the sake of the bartenders and the gorgeous dancers. The main motive of coming to a strip joint is to get some adult entertainment. Adult entertainment allows you to enjoy your drink as you check out the hot dancers do their thing on the poles. Buy several drinks while you enjoy the show.

Be Polite

Having a mean attitude in a strip club is way out of line. Be kind and polite to the dancers. If you use unkind words, you will be going against the code of conduct. Be generous and buy the dancer a drink if you want to start a conversation. When a dancer approaches you for a lap dance, you can say no in a polite way instead of brushing them off in a rude way. Turn them down politely. Courtesy and respect is what differentiates between a good and bad patron in any of the strip clubs in Fort Lauderdale.

Pay for the Songs

If you decide to explore the strip clubs in Fort Lauderdale as a group, make sure every one of you spends on the dancer.  In most cases, you should pay a dollar per song. If you are enjoying the dance with your friends, tip every performer a dollar per song. Moreover, do not let one person be responsible for tipping; every person on the table should tip the performer. Be generous to the dancers because they are trying hard to give you a good time. Reciprocate by tipping well.

Learn the Giving Secret

If you are a good tipper, the dancer will spend more time with you. Typically, dancers pay a fee in order to work in a strip club. Their main objective in their work is to make tips. If you tip generously, the dancers will definitely pay more attention to you. In this case, you can part with $5 instead of $1 and have fun. When you are generous, you will have a wonderful time in any of the strip clubs in Fort Lauderdale.

Learn the Club Regulations

Interestingly, different strip clubs in Fort Lauderdale have different regulations. When you enjoy a lap dance, learn about the club rules. Some clubs might allow minimal contact while others prohibit it completely. Ask the dancer first about the boundaries before a lap dance.

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